Karaoke Apps For Game Consoles

A new karaoke game is finally available today on the Xbox 360. This game installs as an app that’s downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace.  This new karaoke app, so far, has been a huge success. We’ve had the chance to try it out a few weeks ago and we loved it! Also, many of the online reviews have been great.

It plays just like a regular home karaoke system but features a song library of over 8,000 songs, which is absolutely awesome. This karaoke Xbox 360 game by Microsoft and Stingray Digital Group is exclusive to Xbox 360 users only (sorry PS3ers!).


Setting up the game was pretty simple. You just load the app and choose and a song and you’re ready to go. This is assuming you already have an Xbox 360 microphone available. Another benefit is that you don’t have to wait and download songs like Guitar Hero; they stream instantly and flawlessly as soon as you choose a song from the library. Also, this doesn’t waste any of your Xbox’s valuable storage. A new featured called “SmartGlass” allow friends to instantly set songs on queue via their smart phone or tablets. This is extremely useful if someone is hogging the mic and won’t give you a chance browse the list of songs.

Similar to bars that feature karaoke night, you will see the lyrics on the screen while your chosen song plays in the background. If you have an avatar, it will dance and sing for you on the screen. As you sing along, you gain fans by how accurate you and earn points as well. The karaoke game also offers a Kinect capability – which becomes an entirely different party! It will ask you to sync up to your avatar so they can dance and move for you on the screen as you sing.

Finding achievements was relatively simple in this game. We played for a few hours and got about 24 achievements. Connecting to your smart phone or tablet is an easy way to get one right away.

In our conclusion is that the new Karaoke app for the Xbox is super fun and is great for the whole family. We all know that everyone wants to rock out like their favorite American idol or Xfactor star and this machine allows you to do just that in the comfort of your own home.

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