Healthy Hamptons Equals More Productivity

Recently we started introducing more health conscious ideas in our Hampton family. First it was the juicer concept and fresh fruits that everyone can enjoy whenever they feel like it. Now we decided for something more physical and a treadmill seemed like the perfect solution since most of us tend not to exercise much or go out. For a team of 10, a treadmill also seemed like the perfect machine to share. The only problem was that unlike a domestic treadmill, one designed for home owners we were probably going to pound the life out of it so a more sturdy and industrial grade treadmill was a better option.

Our searches led us straight to the doorstep of This site caught our attention not because of their treadmill reviews, which by the way are actually detailed and useful, but because of the workout regimes they have. From articles describing what to purchase, how to purchase to an impressive array of workout routines that anyone can do. We immediately took printouts of these routines and plastered the room allocated for recreation and exercise. It was supposed to be a build-up to the actual machine shipping over from Amazon. In couple of days the treadmill arrived and our entire team got in on the action assembling it. The manual said it takes about 40 minutes but with extra hands, we got it ready in under 15 minutes!

First up, Marc got up on the treadmill and gave it a good break-in. He being the most active of the lot was also the best suited to test the Sole Fitness treadmill out. This has a wider running surface, better functionality and overall excellent build quality and Marc gave it a thumbs up. We got around to trying it out eventually and towards the end of the first day, the treadmill had over 8 preset user programs installed in it.

From then onwards, everyone simply remembered their own program and selected it when they felt like a little exercise was on the cards. And thanks to the juicing ideas we already got previously when purchasing the Jack Lalanne juicer we now have a complete health regime for all folks. Juices with treadmill exercise daily equals a happy, productive and family oriented Hampton team.

We are actually considering getting a second treadmill now, one a little less expensive and more geared towards zero incline jogging to reduce the load on the Sole Fitness.

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