Sitting to much? Hampton Help!

Did you know that inversion therapy (yes, one actually inverts for therapeutic reasons!) is a concept known to the earliest civilizations? Astonishingly, not many are aware of its benefits or even of its existence. Our Hampton family recently got a Teeter Hang Ups inversion table after researching on the topic and various brands online. Browsing […]

Healthy Hamptons Equals More Productivity

Recently we started introducing more health conscious ideas in our Hampton family. First it was the juicer concept and fresh fruits that everyone can enjoy whenever they feel like it. Now we decided for something more physical and a treadmill seemed like the perfect solution since most of us tend not to exercise much or […]

Blending For Health At The Hamptons

What makes health foods so healthy? It isn’t the nutritional value rather the freshness of the ingredients and the lack of artificial flavoring or additives. When you blend fresh ingredients, be it veggies or fruits, you aim to achieve the same. In the past, only people of the high society could manage eating super healthy […]

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