Blending For Health At The Hamptons

What makes health foods so healthy? It isn’t the nutritional value rather the freshness of the ingredients and the lack of artificial flavoring or additives. When you blend fresh ingredients, be it veggies or fruits, you aim to achieve the same. In the past, only people of the high society could manage eating super healthy foods but today creating your own super-healthy food is just as easy as blending fresh ingredients together in a blender.

Here at the Hampton Enterprise, we like living and talking healthy. Alongside the coffee maker therefore, rests a Ninja 12 liter blender that now sees more use than the coffee maker itself. Prior to the blender, we usually ran out of coffee by the end of the fourth day and this was a routine. Any week this did not happen, it meant that folks were running sick or staying back home. After getting the blender though, upon popular request, we observed that the coffee stock would last through the week and usually dried out in ten days. On the flipside of things, we have to now stock up more on fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator since people want to make their own secret recipes every now and then.

A favorite among all is the healthy margarita. Unlike the actual drink from where the name comes from, it actually consists of more fruits and health conscious stuffs. For starters, it is made from Apricot, Guava and any citric fruit with milk or sweet yoghurt. While nowhere close to the real margarita, it does however have a satiating and filling appeal. One glass of this wonder creation and Mark tends to go through the entire day in high spirits.

Likewise, making smoothies with different fruits, milkshakes and fruit juice is super easy with a blender. We remember, when the notion of getting a blender for the workspace was floated, it was immediately accepted but the brand and model was a major discussion for the week ahead. Some feel Vitamix blenders are the best, others find Ninja to be above all. In the end, we actually went for something that had a long warranty cover and that could be serviced without anyone from the office having to take it to a service center. Our Ninja has made us a team of health conscious, active folks with many now attending the gym on an equally regular basis as their early morning health drink rituals with the Ninja!

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