The Battle Of Vacuum Cleaners At The Hampton

Here at the Hampton-Enterprise, we are one big happy family with varying choices and desires. Usually we tend to agree with one another, without so much as an altercation but just recently, when our newest member, junior assistant editor, brought in his own handheld vacuum things turned ugly real quick. In hindsight, it seems odd that something so ubiquitous can create such a huge debate but then again we at Hampton never shy away from a friendly battle.

It all started when Andrew got his new Bissell handheld vacuum cleaner to office. Word got around that the new guy has started making himself feel at home without even realizing that Bissell is the least favorite brand of his higher ups. By the time Jack, our editor got wind of this, Andrew had already begun breaking the Bissell home. One thing led to another and before we knew it, Jack called a team meeting (read admonishment time). Andrew the new guy was hosted for a wonderful job done on the last post and then Jack asked him, “All the laurels aside, why do you like that Bissell”.

Andrew said he researched for a handheld far and wide but wanted something with a wider head, longer cable and decent power to tackle just about anything and also that it ought to last more than a year. He said his research led him to a site called which had plenty of options and even though the Bissell was rated slightly lower than the rest, he liked what he read and found it a better option than a Hoover.

Here’s Andrew’s reply, “Alright let’s see what your pet can do against my Hoover, tomorrow 2PM lunch time, the cleanest table wins”. And here I thought that such head-on-heads were restricted to the realm of competitive housewives!

Next day, the Bissell went against the Hoover, Andrew versus Jack, Newbie versus the Boss, the oppressed against the oppressor!

Dirt, coffee spills, pet hair, grime – you name it and you could have seen it on both their tables with just 5 minutes to clean as best as possible. The office was the judge and it was a prejudiced judge at best. By the time 5 minutes went up, Andrew was sweating, Jack cheerful but not confident. The winner by a large margin, Jack but not because his table was cleaner but because he was the boss. LOL

You must be wondering where’s the message, well here it is, “Your Boss is always right, even if your handvac does a better job than his!”

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